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It’s not about saying the perfect thing, having the perfect photos or the prettiest colors. It’s about unleashing YOU, fully, unabashedly, unapologetically stepping into the version of You who is unstoppable, unforgettable, the Go-To-Girl in your niche. It’s becoming your own planet with a gravitational pull that draws dream clients in and they can’t get enough. It’s being so damn good they can’t look away. It’s becoming Unrivaled and building


Your Empire, Your Way.

Tired of watching others get the spotlight with half your talent? Buckle up, Buttercup. We’re about to make you the main event in the greatest show on Earth:


Your business.


You feel like you’re yelling into the void. Everything you say is just bouncing around an empty room and all you’re hearing are crickets 🦗. You feel like you’re blending in like camouflage at a forest convention.

You’ve hit inspiring income numbers and you’re proud of yourself! As you should be. But you’ve built something using someone else’s framework and while it did work, it feels like a too small itchy sweater… you remember that scene from Everybody Loves Raymond when he yells “the itchy part is from me!”… yeah well the itchy part is that you’re wearing someone else’s sweater. You want to take it off and shake things up, do your own thing, but woo mama that is Scary! You’re worried that you’ll crash and burn.

You want more money and you know that more money means more impact first and for some reason you’ve associated more rewards with more efforts… thanks patriarchy! You believe that you need to say more, do more, show up more but didn’t you start this whole business so you could rest more, have more fun and more time off? Yeah, you did… so you’re wondering how exactly you make this happen.

You’re talented, driven and so freaking cool… but it feels like the spotlight is dodging your every move and it makes you wonder if something is wrong with you.

It’s Hella frustrating to see someone who you know has less knowledge and experience than you raking in bigger numbers across the board and it makes you ask yourself a lot of mean questions and you’re ready to finally step into the limelight.

You find content creation a time of chaos in your daily life, you spend way too much time looking at screens of various sizes, jumping from laptop to cell phone, scrolling for inspiration, wondering what to say to make your message and mission stop their scroll and get them buying.


You are brilliant, you want to charge more, you want to be front and center, you want to be the Beyonce or the Taylor Swift of the social media realm, also on point, always in the spotlight absolutely killing it!



A place where your fears are replaced with unwavering confidence and your hesitations with bold strides forward. Unrivaled Empire isn't just a program; it's your blueprint to success.

In your heart, soul and minds eye is a dream. A vision of your future that’s so vivid it’s almost alive. But between that vision and your reality is a maze filled with doubts, competitions and the always present question, “How do I do this?” Its giving Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where the maze is trying to strangle you, there are riddles and quizzes you need to get right and you’re sort of panicked and running for your life it seems. 

This is where Unrivaled Empire steps in

It isn’t a guide, it’s a transformational force that catapults you from where you are to where you want to go. 

We have one main mission here, to take you from blending in the sea of sad beige service providers to standing out, embodying success and being the sparkle that no one can take their eyes off of. This is a revolutionary overhaul of how you see yourself, your business and your place in your niche.  

We are focusing on –

Visibility that Commands the Spotlight

Creating powerful content that puts you in the light you belong in

Being the Authority

Elevating your positioning and crafting a brand so potent that your dream clients will view you as “The One and Only” they’re willing to hire

Rock Solid Confidence

You’ll make bold decisions, take calculated risks and step into your power as the CEO of an Unrivaled Empire

A Streamlined Path to Success

Doing less but achieving more is an Art that you will master. Your messaging and marketing will do the heavy lifting for you so you can let Rest become an Income Producing Activity

By the end of our time together you will step into being the visionary leader of an empire in a league of your own. Your offers will not only fill up but be sought after. Your content, messaging and branding will be a beacon for your dream clients, effortlessly attracting those you dream of serving.

You will be recognized as the Go-To Girl in your niche, bringing unique perspectives and unmatched value to the industry

As you stand up, show up and take up space you’ll naturally become someone others are inspired by to break through their own barriers

You’ll be richer, not just in money but in knowledge, experience and joy


Unrivaled Empire

A 6 month Mastermind/1:1 Hybrid experience created to help you go from blending in to blazing a trail


From hidden talent to headline act:

Make the world sit up and watch.

Imagine stepping into a realm where your business isn't just thriving—it's setting the pulse for your entire industry, leaving you breathless with achievement.


Imagine a world where your words aren’t just being heard but deeply resonating with your audience, creating deeper relationships to you and sparking conversations. It’s a sad beige world right now but YOU are a bright splash of color, you’re ready to let those colors out and everyone else can just put on sunglasses, it’s time to shine.

That itchy sweater is coming off! You are upleveling to a custom fit suit (or dress), one of a kind stunning, show stopping, eye catching, jaw dropping outfit.. only in business form. You’ll slip into something comfortable, perfectly tailored and unmistakably You. Sexy, cool and unique, a perfect match to You.

You envision a business where success flows to you with ease, not through more effort but more impact. A life rich with rest, fun and freedom. A business that serves your dreams and delivers your mission to the world.

You want to confidently step into the spotlight, your talents, knowledge, experience, brilliance are a magnet, drawing well deserved recognition. 

You know you were meant to lead the pack, you know that what you bring to the table and your authenticity are the key to your success. 

Your content is an artistic, joyous expression, a love letter about your mission. Drawing the right people to you. It’s effortlessly cool, creating a community of raving fans and hot buyers.

You want to kill it, in every way. At home, in your business, like the Queen you are. 

Hey! I’m Brittany! 

I used to struggle with being myself, so much. I was the perfect student, got straight A’s and found it so much easier when someone would just tell me what to do so I could go do it, and do it perfectly. My ADHD loves the structure of following a check list. Which was so great when I was a student and not so great when I started my own business. I worked with coaches who told me what to do and I quickly found out that I didn’t like it, at all. It wasn’t working for me, or it would work but it was so uncomfortable.  I would hustle and grind, follow templates and scripts and yes, sometimes it worked, sometimes I made lots of money, but I was exhausted by the end of it. I grew up being bullied for who I was, picture a small, poufy haired girl because I convinced my mom to let me get a perm even though neither of us knew jack about perm upkeep… I had braces and I had glasses. I loved reading and overall was not a cool kid. Which told me that who I am, isn’t good enough. So naturally I looked to anyone else to tell me who to be and how to be it.


I realized that I needed to figure out who I was, find Me again, and start letting her out. Even though it was scary, and sometimes it still is, being 100% unapologetically me was the only way I could grow my business on my terms and work with people who actually like me and probably even love me. I needed to accept my weirdness, my quirks, my silly humor and inappropriate jokes and let others see that side of me too. I became so invested in being authentic and showing my own brilliance that it’s my mission to help other women who are like me, ambitious, driven, wanting to make insane amounts of money for all kinds of reasons, who’ve been told their “too much” of one thing or another and to be different, to step into those versions of themselves and get rich because of it. It’s a combination of mindset and strategy.

I’ve grown my social media platforms to over 20,000 people combined, all organically, just by being me and sharing my story and making clear, bold offers to work with me. I’ve made over $650,000 in the 4 years I’ve been in business. I take summers off to be with my kids, I go to the beach. My family is especially important to me, because I’ve also lost 2 baby girls late in my pregnancies and battle with infertility doing IVF and for me, sharing who I am and what I care about has made me amazing connections, lots of money, and the lifestyle I desire.


I feel confident in who I am and what I bring to the table. I know that God has placed me as the head of this mission and nothing can stop me and I know how to be unrivaled in my niche and build an empire and legacy for my family.


I got here by taking radical responsibility for my future, being extremely resilient, testing out new offers and ideas, being dedicated and committed to my mission and serving my community. I show up every day as myself, I let people see all sides of me that I feel are appropriate to share and I make sure that my business and my view of myself are aligned so that I’m giving at the highest level and acting at the highest level.


Learning and understanding business, marketing, sales, mindset have been instrumental, coming from the background of being a stock broker, I continually assess my business, assess myself and work towards the next level which is what we will do together.


It doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, especially when you know what your next steps are and I believe that you can have the business and lifestyle you want, the impact and income you desire because I’ve done it and continue to do it, while having more fun and honoring who I am and what I stand for, and you get to have that too. 

What's Inside –

Two-Hour Deep Dive Business Audit for Immediate Impact

Join me for a 2 hour zoom session where we will audit your business, what’s working, what’s not, what you want to offer this year, how much you want to make and how much you want to rest. We are going to identify the treasures and the traps, meaning where the gold is and where the road bums are so we can slip right on by. The audit is customized to you, ensuring that each next step is a step toward the empire, impact and income you desire. You’ll have a 6 moth marketing plan of action that will act as your guiding light.

Monthly 1:1 Strategy Calls

An exclusive one hour zoom call with me for personalized progress. These calls are your opportunity to deep dive into your unique challenges and triumphs. You’ll receive tailored advice and strategic planning, making these calls a powerhouse tool for your growth, making your success inevitable.

Weekly 90 minute hot seat calls for collective brilliance

These calls are where magic happens. You’ll benefit from diverse insights and shared wisdom, together we will build momentum, learn from each other and accelerate your growth

Monday to Friday Voxer Support

Having on demand access right in your pocket makes you feel supported, motivated and guided every step of the way. You can celebrate wins, or navigate challenges, I am there to keep you focused and fired up!

Exclusive access to the members-only Facebook group

You aren’t just a member, you’re a part of a movement, the community is a wealth of motivation, advice and networking opportunity. Surrounding yourself with likeminded women who are as determined as you make this space a hub of inspiration, motivation and prowess

headshotsfinal(6of32) (3).jpg

Bonus! An All Inclusive Retreat!

This retreat isn’t just a getaway, it’s a deep dive into the next level of your business and personal growth. With workshops, opportunity for 1:1 coaching, branding photoshoots, and content creation this experience is designed to redefine your vision and amplify your visibility. We are transforming in an inspiring setting that rejuvenates you. Dates and details TBD.


"Will this work for my specific niche/industry?"

One of the most beautiful aspects of Unrivaled Empire is its adaptability. The strategies and insights shared are designed to be universally applicable, yet customizable to fit the unique needs and challenges of your specific niche. Whether you're in digital marketing, wellness, consulting, or any service-based industry, Unrivaled Empire equips you with the tools to stand out and become Unrivaled

"Is Unrivaled Empire really different from all the other business coaching programs out there?"

Absolutely. While there are countless programs promising success, Unrivaled Empire stands apart with its bespoke, heart-centered approach, blending personalized strategy sessions, group masterminds, and real-time support to not just elevate your business, but transform you into a leader and innovator in your field.

"What if I don't have the time to commit right now?"

Time is a finite resource, and it's understandable to worry about fitting Unrivaled Empire into your busy schedule. However, I want you to consider this: the program is structured to make every minute count, focusing on impactful actions that drive significant results.

"Is the investment worth it?"

Investing in Unrivaled Empire is investing in a version of yourself that you've yet to meet—the version that transcends limits, achieves remarkable success, and impacts the world. It's not just about the financial return, but the personal and professional transformation that comes with it. Imagine where you could be six months from now with the right guidance, strategies, and support. That's the true value of your investment.

"I'm afraid of failing after joining the program."

This is a common fear, especially in today’s market where so many people have experienced it, but let me assure you, Unrivaled Empire is built on a foundation of support, strategy, and community. Failure isn't the enemy—it's a stepping stone to greater success. With personalized coaching, a supportive group of peers, and actionable strategies, you're set up to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Remember, you're not just joining a mastermind/1:1 hybrid; you're stepping into a community that believes in your success as much as you do. Showing up, asking for support that’s being offered to you, taking action, all make your success inevitable. If you wanted to learn to play the piano, got lessons and practiced… you’re only option is knowing how to play piano, you couldn’t help it! It would be unavoidable! This is like that.

"I've joined programs before and didn't see results. How is this different?"

I hear you. I’ve been in that position, it does not feel good. What sets Unrivaled Empire apart is my commitment not just to provide information, but to be a support system while you implement and transform. With hands-on support, accountability, and a community that cheers for you, this experience is designed to see you through not just the learning phase but the doing phase as well. Plus, with the unique blend of group and 1:1 support, your specific challenges and goals are always front and center. Again, if you show up, ask for help, do the work, results are inevitable.

Lastly, for the love of all that is Holy, please remember:


Unrivaled Empire isn't a magic pill; it's a partnership. Your success in this experience hinges not just on what I offer but on your commitment, participation, and the action you're willing to take. I am here to guide, support, and push when needed, but the magic truly happens when we collaborate. This is your empire to build, and I’m here to ensure you have every tool, strategy, and bit of wisdom to make it unparalleled.

As you stand on the precipice of this decision, I want you to know this from the bottom of my heart

Unrivaled Empire isn't just a program; it's a testament to what's possible when you dare to dream bigger and refuse to settle for the status quo. It's the culmination of everything I've learned, not just as a business marketing consultant and content strategist, but as someone who's been exactly where you are now—on the edge of transformation, craving change, yet wrestling with uncertainty.

I crafted Unrivaled Empire to be the bridge between your ambitions and your achievements, a sanctuary where your business dreams aren't just validated—they're vigorously pursued. This is about more than just business growth; it's about personal evolution, about becoming the leader, the visionary, and the success story you were always meant to be. It's natural to feel hesitant, to question whether this is the right move. Such caution is a sign of your commitment to your success, a testament to the care you put into every decision. 

But here's why I want you to feel confident stepping forward: because every aspect of Unrivaled Empire is designed with your transformation in mind. From the personalized coaching to the collective wisdom of a supportive community, this program is a safe space for growth, learning, and breakthroughs. Every great achievement begins with the decision to try. Your current comfort zone may feel safe, but it's also where dreams stagnate. I'm inviting you to step into a space where growth is nurtured, where your potential is unleashed, and where your success is inevitable.


This is your moment to choose—not just where you want to go, but who you want to become. Trust in yourself, in the journey ahead, and in the transformative power of Unrivaled Empire. Let's make your dream business a vivid reality, together.

Are you ready to take that step?

To invest not just in your business, but in the person you are destined to be? Click below, and let's embark on this journey together.


Remember, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

I believe in yours, and I can't wait to help you bring them to life. Welcome to Unrivaled Empire, where your new chapter begins

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