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Grow your audience with dream clients.

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Nurture your audience to turn them into superfans.

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Convert your audience into paying clients.


Your social media feels like a ghost-town, tumbleweeds rolling past your posts and crickets in the comments, you want to attract an audience of raving fans


You want to stand out from the crowd but you’re not sure how to, you’re ready to show off what makes you unique and brilliant


Selling makes you feel like a weirdo, and you haven’t quite mastered boldly saying that people should hire you. You’re afraid of being pushy or salesy. You want to share your amazing offers, like the gifts to the world that they are, in a way that feels good for you and irresistible for them


You feel overwhelmed by all the strategies available and you’re over trial and error. You want something that fits like a glove and gives you time back in your day


You want to know what to focus on to bring you consistent clients, on repeat


You want content that shows off your brilliance, gets tons of eyeballs on you, builds your brand and authority and actually converts those eyeballs into paying clients


Imagine what it would be like...

To have your audience growing daily, not just in numbers, but with the right people who are ready and excited to engage, support, and buy from you. You’ve created a vibrant community of raving fans who believe in your vision as much as you do

To be the undeniable authority in your niche, the "It Girl," where your every word, post, and offer becomes the gold standard for your dream clients. Your content doesn't just attract attention; it sets trends and defines what value truly means in your world

When asking for the sale felt as natural and joyous as giving a thoughtful gift to your best friend. Your offers are so aligned with what your audience craves that each sale is a celebration, not a transaction

When your work creates waves of impact, reaching more people than you ever thought possible. Each module, lesson, and strategy you implement from The $10K Formula 2.0 amplifies your voice, making your message a beacon for those seeking transformation

To have a business where hustle and grind are ancient history. Burn out? Sorry I don’t know her. Instead, your days are filled with creativity, passion, and play. You achieve more by working less

To be a part of a community where success stories are the norm. You're not just witnessing growth and achievement, you're contributing to it, inspired by the collective energy of entrepreneurs who share your ambition and spirit

To unlock a level of confidence and clarity you never knew you had. Peeling back layers of doubt to reveal the powerhouse entrepreneur you were always meant to be

You do not need to be glued to your phone stressing about where the next client will come from. It is 100% possible to create a wildly profitable business with ease and joy like you’ve never seen before all organically, all on social media

i know this because i’ve done it,
and you can do it too.

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This is THE only program you’ll ever need to create consistent $10k months in your business organically. I have created this to help you create massive traction and huge momentum in your business AND of course make more money than ever before.


This is not your typical program. This is a step-by-step guide I created based on what I wish I knew when I was growing my own business, and what I learned growing my own audience and making a lot of money from it. 

You will get known as THE expert and authority in your niche, create sexy content that converts your audience into clients, how to get fucking amazing at selling without feeling sleazy and all the CEO shit you need to show up confidently.

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In the $10k Formula 2.0, you'll learn

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10K Formula Logo_edited.png
10K Formula Logo_edited.png
10K Formula Logo_edited.png
10K Formula Logo_edited.png
10K Formula Logo_edited.png

How to consistently grow your audience with dream clients

How to come up with and write juicy content, you’ll never run out of inspiration again

How to make money and give value using your own VIP. A Valuable Information Party, where your audience will see you in action and fall even more in love with you, ready to buy whatever you’re selling

The only activities you need to focus on each day, in only 1-2 hours per day, reducing stress, frustration and wondering where your next client will come from

How to create rock solid mindset. Your thoughts create your reality and I’ll be showing you the CEO mindset hacks all multiple 6 figure earners are using every day

How to create offers your audience craves

Imagine a business that brings you the money and life you actually want. No more stress or hustle. Just ease, flow and fun.

Imagine a business that brings you the money and life you actually want. No more stress or hustle. Just ease, flow and fun.


You’ve created a business from NOTHING!
Do you see how magical that is?
This is possible for you and the $10k Formula 2.0 can help you.



I’m not just another coach, I’m your strategic partner in crime, your cheerleader, and the architect behind The $10K Formula 2.0.

After 7 years of managing millions as a stock broker it was time to take the leap into what my heart had been whispering was my purpose, igniting a fire in the hearts of entrepreneurs like you. My pivot from stock brokering was a deliberate dive into a realm where ambition meets genuine transformation.

I made the terrifying jump because I'm mesmerized by the brilliance that shines when empowered women take charge of their destiny, building businesses that glow with success, stand tall on the pillars of purpose, and break through every expectation.

My journey is marked by numbers and strategies, but the real success story is written in the language of empowerment and impact. I transitioned with a mission, to empower you to create not just a business, but a legacy. A legacy that shines brightly in its uniqueness, thrives on its contributions, and resolutely redefines what's possible.

My first year in business, 2020, I made $104,000 organically on Facebook. 

I’ve now done nearly $700,000 in sales in 4 years, built a combined audience of 21,000 people, been featured on dozens of podcasts, spoken on multiple stages and been featured in Magazines like Goss and named one of the LA Progressives 10 Women Business Leaders to Watch Out for in 2023 using the exact strategies I’m teaching you.

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It only takes one decision to have a completely different life, and this can be that decision for you. You just need to be ready and willing to show up and take action.

Ready for the magic formula?


Create an audience of raving fans.


Get known as the authority in your niche.


Create killer content that converts those raving fans into paying clients.


Get amazing at selling.

what's included:



Lesson 1️⃣ - Growing your audience with raving fans

  • Consistently Growing your Audience with the RIGHT PEOPLE

  • Picking the Right Platform to MONETIZE

  • How to Cultivate a TRUE Community of Raving Fans

Lesson 2️⃣ - Nurturing your audience and turning the dial way up

  • Being the AUTHORITY - You are the It Girl, the One & Only for your Dream Client

  • How to Give VALUE that Pays You

  • Using Conversion Events to Infuse CASH into Your Business

  • Creating DEMAND and MOMENTUM

  • Creating COMPELLING Content

Lesson 3️⃣ - All about the money

  • How to Write Super Spy Content (aka Specific Copy that Converts lurker to BUYERS)

  • Creating Offers that People Actually Want to BUY

  • Launching that Feels GOOD

  • Asking for the SALE without Feeling Like a Weirdo



You will also receive the most fabulous workbook ever made, that includes worksheets, prompts and examples. It is supplemental to the trainings as its own entity, the information inside the book will help you plan goals, work on your CEO mindset and level you up. It is not a written version of the videos! This isn't just a workbook, it's a catalyst for your CEO mindset, goal planning, and leveling up in business.



Gain access to the private community full of other women ready to reach their $10K months!



4 times per month you will meet with me for 90 minutes in a hot seat style coaching session. This is where the brilliant minds of this community come together, support one another and learn from each other's businesses.



  • Once a month you'll get a 7 day sales challenge inside the community, starting in May

  • Momentum Mastery! A 90 day sales sprint workbook and guide to success

  • Starting Your Podcast workshop

  • ChatGPT classes 1 and 2

  • Group Growth Secrets workshop

  • Sell Your Book! A special workshop by Nicole Tuxbury on how to use Amazon KDP to self publish and sell your book

  • And more!


As a monumental bonus, gain complimentary access to Playful Profits ($444 value) for 6 monthly content and copywriting challenges. This game-changing experience introduces fun, creativity, and impactful strategies into your business for maximum growth and income! This exclusive bonus is only available until April 30th!

Cookie Cutter solutions don’t work

In The $10K Formula 2.0 we’re trading the cookie cutter, Build-A-Business for something different! We don’t do generic around here. We are all about highlighting You and your wonderful gifts. You can have it all—impact, income, and an insane amount of fun along the way.

Joining The $10K Formula 2.0 is a pivotal investment in your entrepreneurial journey. For only $2500 for the year or an accessible $250 per month, you're not just enrolling in a membership, you’re stepping into a business designed by you to create exponential growth, give you access to expert support, and the keys to transforming your business into a joy-filled, profit-generating powerhouse. Ready to Bet on Your Brilliance? Dive in. It’s Your Time to Shine.


Q: Is The $10K Formula 2.0 right for me if I'm just starting out?

A: I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that the $10k Formula should be mandatory for all new businesses and anyone who’s making less than $10,000 per month on repeat. It’s laying the foundation to running a successful business, so even if you change niches, or industries, what you learn here will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Q: Do I have to be a coach for this to work for me?

A: No! I have had clients from all niches, some of which include…

Real estate agents

Parent coaches

Relationship coaches

Funnel builders



Piano teachers

Insurance brokers

Style consultants

Psychic business mentors

Network marketers

Health and wellness coaches





Brand Designers

This is a fraction of industries who’ve worked with me and come through this program. The foundation of business, marketing and sales is the same regardless of your niche.

Q: How is this program different from other business coaching programs?

A: The $10K Formula 2.0 is anti-cookie-cutter and anti-hustle. We prioritize rest, listening to your intuition, while also following the basics of audience building, growth strategies, marketing and sales. Trends are great and fun, but they don’t last. You want a business that can stand the test of time and this is where you do it.

Q: Can I really expect to see a return on my investment?

A: While individual results can vary, The $10K Formula 2.0 is designed to give you all the tools, strategies, and support you need to significantly increase your income. By implementing the teachings, actively participating in the community, and leveraging the personal coaching, many of our members have seen remarkable growth in their businesses, hitting or even surpassing their $10K month goals.

Q: What kind of support can I expect once I join?

A: Upon joining, you'll be welcomed into an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Here, you'll find support, collaboration, and inspiration. Weekly live coaching calls with Brittany offer personalized feedback and strategies, ensuring you're never left without guidance. Plus, with a ton of resources and bonuses at your fingertips, support is always just a click away.

Q: How do I know if I'm ready for The $10K Formula 2.0?

A: If you're ambitious, driven, and ready to take your business to that illusive 10k mark with clarity, joy, and profitability, you're ready for The $10K Formula 2.0. This program is for those who are willing to put in the work, embrace new strategies, and are open to transforming not just their business, but their entire approach to entrepreneurship.
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