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You are a thought leader.
A rebel.
A maverick.
Experiencing Riches in wealth and all that life has to offer is meant for you!
You’ve been showing up, sharing your message and signing clients because of it, but you know you have MORE to say and give.

You’ve been playing it safe. 

You look around and see what everyone else is doing, you see “expert” after “expert” telling you what you “should be doing”, and it’s working for them! So it should work for you too! 

And while all strategies work, and by modeling after them you ARE seeing success, something feels off….

You have more to say,
You have ideas about what you want your business to look like,
What your audience would feel like,
How you’d structure your offers,
What prices you’d choose,

But you don’t do those things because that’s just not how the others are doing it. 



The leaders in your industry are leading the pack. 

Everyone in that niche is modeling THEM! 

They aren’t looking for permission, they’re just DOING

The reason things feel off for you is because YOU ARE A LEADER

You just aren’t giving yourself permission to do things your way yet

You’re a “good girl”
You were a straight A student, a teacher's pet
A people pleaser
You want to do things the “right way”

That’s what the patriarchy has done to us. To keep us quiet and small and controlled.


You’ve been hiding parts of yourself for as long as you can remember
You’re too much
Too loud
Too silly
You enjoy sexually inappropriate humor (Big Clit Energy is HILARIOUS to us both!)

You’re afraid to do things your way
You also feel like you’re hiding in the shadows a bit
That if people saw the real you, they wouldn’t like you
That if you make any changes your business will burn to the ground
That your clients won’t keep hiring you if you change things

How would you show up differently if you gave yourself permission to do WHATEVER you wanted?

What things have you been afraid to say because you’ve worried what people might think? What would happen if you said those things?

What would it look like if you tossed out all of the “should’s” you’ve been told to do and started doing whatever lit you up, made you feel excited and turned on?

And you believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that by doing this you were calling in MORE? 

You were giving women unbridled permission to be themselves? 




The Big Clit Energy Experience

A 6 month 1:1/mastermind hybrid designed to help you go from feeling “Meh” in your business to “Oh fucking yeah!””

When I first started my business, I hired a coach that ran her community very much like a cult. 

It was her way, or the highway. 

We needed HER permission before we put out content, created an offer or signed a new client. 

We needed her stamp of approval on everything. Because she was always right and we were paying her for her knowledge. 

When I left that community, it was terrifying trying to do my own thing. I wondered, at every step, if I was doing the wrong things. If I was fucking it all up.

It took me some time to trust myself again. To listen to my intuition. To say what I truly wanted to say and believe that my dream clients would love it. To sell what I wanted to sell and know that people would buy it. 

And then, during this year, I’ve seen MANY women either walk away from their coaches, or walk away from their businesses altogether. 


Because they were tired of building something that didn’t look or feel good to them 
They were tired of being told what to do and how and when to do it
They were tired of creating something unsustainable because that’s what they thought they were supposed to
They were tired of hiding themselves 
They were tired of being viewed as an extension of someone else

There isn’t anyone out there who truly understands this or knows how to fully embody and align with who they REALLY are than I do. 

Being YOU isn’t about just saying whatever shit you want and not caring about anyone or anything…

It’s about healing and doing the inner work to allow yourself to show those hidden parts
It’s about discerning which parts of you you want to show (You don’t have to share all of your dirty laundry to lead a movement)
It’s about deeply trusting your intuition to guide you to even greater success
It’s about uncovering you’re life’s purpose
Designing and creating wealth, abundance and the LIFESTYLE you want to create
Cultivating true leadership 
Building the business you’ve always wanted but have been waiting for a certain milestone before giving yourself permission

You’re already successful, but you want MORE

After I did the scary thing and started listening to my body, mind and soul, allowing it to lead me in my business, I’ve attracted dream clients. 
I work 1-2 hours per day on my business, giving me plenty of time for rest, relaxation and self care. 

I’ve made over $400,000 in 2.5 years. 
I took the summer off to spend with my children. 
I say what I want to say, when I want to say it. 
I sell what I want to sell, when I want to sell it. 
I am embodying what I’m offering. 
I am joyous in my life. 
I am fully aligned with my highest self. 
I take naps. 
I eat take out.
I watch reality TV. 
I am constantly creating the lifestyle I want.

And I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I told you you wouldn’t turn people off when you do this work and show up as 100% you, you will. But you’re supposed to. Leading isn’t about pleasing people. It’s about inspiring and motivating people to CHANGE. 

When I first started talking about Big Clit Energy my mother was appalled! Sorry Mom! 
She called me up one day and said to me, 
“Why are you saying clit so much!? It sounds like clitorus!”
To which I had to tell her.. Not only does it sound like clitorus.. It IS clitorus. 
She’s not a fan. But she doesn’t need to be a fan! 

When you start showing up as your true self, no more hiding, some people aren’t going to be big fans and that’s ok, lots of others WILL be. 

In the Big Clit Energy Experience, you aren’t going to do things my way, I’m going to be a guide, mentor and resource to you as you do things YOUR way. Never been done before. Unique entirely to YOU. 

How Big Clit Energy was created

How Big Clit Energy was created

I am often told that I seem to be much taller than I am. I’m 5 feet tall. When people meet me after seeing me online they’re always so surprised at how little I am, they think I’m well over 5 feet, close to 6 feet tall… and it’s because I have what’s called “tall girl energy” meaning, which is a reflection of the confidence I share online. From that conversation, the topic of Big D Energy was brought up, discussing how men seem to swing confidence around even if they don’t have much to back it up and how more women need to have this blind faith, unwavering confidence in themselves… but not with Big D’s… with Big C’s. 
Women need to have that same confidence as if they have massive clitori. It's energy. It’s Rich Bitch. It’s “I’m taking on the world” energy. It’s luxury and wealth and Queen level attitude. 

“Bad Bitch, I can be your fantasy, I can tell you got Big Clit energy” - Latto feat. Brittany 




  • Big Clit Energy is a 6 month 1:1/mastermind hybrid

  • You’ll get 2 private 30 minute calls with Brittany per month

  • Weekly group calls which will include coaching, workshops, tips and guidance

  • Messenger/Slack support between sessions

  • A private community to connect with other women like you


During our time together you will become a badass architect of your life and business. You will connect with your Millionaire self and start becoming her now. You will show up more powerfully. You will impact more people. You will create a greater influence. You will attract more income into your life. All while doing things YOUR way. 

The investment for this experience is $10,000 or $1667 per month. 

You can apply below if you’re ready for this beautiful transformation. I’ve asked a few short questions and it’s got my calendar as I’m looking to get to know you and make sure we’d make a great fit to do this transformative work together. 

Before you go,

From the bottom of my heart, I want you to understand that if you are feeling disconnected from your business, from what your coach or anyone else is telling you to do, if you’re feeling frustrated, discouraged or angry by your business, it’s not because something is wrong with you, it’s because you aren’t living your truth. It’s because you were meant to be doing things differently than you’re currently doing them and it’s a sign that something needs to change. 

If you’re reading this page, and feeling a nudge to enroll in this experience, it’s because this is all meant for you. That you have a powerful and impactful message to share with the world and now is the time to let it out. That you are meant to lead a movement. That the level of wealth you desire is yours, the impact you desire is yours. You just have to move, to take inspired action towards this new paradigm. 

I want you to trust in your decision to make this investment. Trust that future you has brought you here, to take this seriously. Your mission, your vision, is available to you now. 

You might be hesitating to pull the trigger and make this decision, and that’s ok. We’ve been conditioned to be afraid of our potential. Told for too long to sit down, be pretty and be quiet. I want to reassure you that you have a normal human brain, and this is a normal human brain reaction. But also that a bit of hesitation is not a good reason not to do something. 
Ask yourself, what do you gain by not applying? 
Imagine for a moment that you do apply, and you enroll and we do this work together. 
Imagine showing up in all of your power to your audience. 
Imagine selling the things you want to sell and the way you want to sell them. 
Imagine speaking to the masses, what message are you telling them? 
Imagine feeling confident in your message, mission and vision. 
Imagine calling in dream clients regularly.
Imagine working fewer hours and doing business YOUR way, what does that look like?
Imagine feeling joy, love and gratitude for your life.

I have chills just thinking about it for you. 

How do things change for you if you make this decision, show up emboldened to be YOU, and get your Big Clit on?

This is your loving invitation, if you’re ready, to change the world. 

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