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Let's Connect

Let's Connect


Hey babe, I'm Brittany Budd and I’m a mindset and business coach who’s passionate about helping as many women as possible, make 6+ figures from home without causing burnout and unbalance.

Empowering female entrepreneurs to become exactly who they are meant to be and who they WANT to be, is EXACTLY what I stand for!

I bit about me, I'm a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children, and I’ve got one sweet child up in Heaven smiling down on us.

Trust me when I say, I not only know how to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to mindset, positivity, and attracting what you want to you, but I’ve experienced many situations that caused me to put my teachings into good use!

I have been through some of the darkest of days, like losing a child, and I have come out of that feeling even more sure of my purpose in empowering women.

If you are someone who wants more out of life…

Someone who is tired of allowing their perceived fears to dictate their life, I’m talking fear of failure, rejection, judgement… the list goes on and on…

Someone who has felt that niggling in their hearts and souls, quietly whispering about what they are meant for…

But you aren’t sure how to start, where to start or how to overcome those fears and feelings…

Then let me tell you,

I’m your girl!

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