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There is a direct correlation between HOW you show up and how much money you make 

And from what I'm seeing in the industry right now

There are a ton of people who want MORE
MORE clients
MORE money
MORE connection to their audiences 
While also enjoying time freedom 

And I'm excited to announce that for Q2 my brand new 90 day intensive mastermind, ICONIC will be starting. 

Which means, you can claim your seat right now. 

Just in the last 6 weeks I have been invited to -

  • 12 podcasts

  • 10 summits 

  • 7 in person events as a key note speaker

  • 1 live video panel 

  • 1 invitation to teach content to another person's program 

  • 2 invitations to collaborate with a reporter for an article on hustle culture (not a paid PR opportunity)

  • I have gone viral 4 times in 3 weeks with reels
    (Ps 30% of women who did my 30 day reels challenge went viral too) 

  • I have made 40k cash and 95k in sales 

  • I get messages daily asking about how to work with me, telling me they love my content and my audience is rapidly growing 

This is what I'm going to show you inside ICONIC 

It is the room where implementation happens

Where massive growth will occur

Where insane momentum will be built 

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  • This is how my client A filled her workshop (a VIP) with 180 registrants in 4 days, signed 2 people into her program during the workshop and booked 10 sales calls immediately after it

  • Or A who sold out her group program in a week after taking my advice on content

  • Or V who took my advice on a reel and made $6000 from it

  • Or E who consistently makes 5 figures every time she goes to the beach with her family (and they go at least once a quarter) 

  • Or A who hit her February income goal in less than 2 weeks AND made $18,000 the first 2 weeks of March

  • Or K who sold 2 12k coaching packages since working together in 2 months 

I could keep going! 


Having an expert co-creating and designing a 100% custom to you visibility, marketing and sales plan to achieve your 2023 goals is INVALUABLE


For only $5000 you and I are going to spend Q2 together. 

What's included?

What's included?

  • A 45 minute 1:1 strategy planning session, what do you want to accomplish in Q2 and how will you do it (the earlier you enroll, the earlier you can book your session and get ahead of the Quarter) 

  • You'll get 2 additional 45 minute sessions that you can book anytime during our 3 months together

  • You'll be added to a group slack channel with the other people in the mastermind, this is where you can submit anything for feedback, get my eyes on things and get coached by me 

  • You'll get a workbook to help you stay on task, journal and keep you on track

  • You’ll get weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions held in Zoom

Our plan, as far as massive momentum and visibility goes -

You will be creating content daily!
Whether you batch or not is up to you. I will teach you exactly how I create content that makes people jump into my offers 

You will host what I call a VIP, a Valuable Information Party, what it will be about and how it will be delivered will be
something we customize on our strategy planning session, but the purpose of it is,

  • Getting you tons of eyeballs

  • Warming your audience

  • Converting a wide number of your audience into clients 

  • Imagine spending Q2 with me, taking action, being seen, sharing your knowledge, being totally ICONIC 

You will have a tailored to your plan of action 

You will market and host an event for your followers to showcase your brilliance and get sales 

You will have a content strategy including reels, podcasting as a host or a guest or both 

You will have my methods for compelling content creation

You will also have access to my rolodex of opportunities including media articles and speaking engagements 

You will be visible

You will be the Go To Gal in your niche

You will get DMs from random people offering you various opportunities because they "keep seeing you everywhere" 

You will get more clients

Have more fun 

Make more money 

And work less (because intentional work takes WAY less time than spaghetti throwing, overthinking and second guessing)

If your Q2 goal is to create $20k-$40k Months then ICONIC is for You

I've made 6 figures in 90 days many times before and I'm going to show you how to do it for yourself time and time again 

This is growth and scaling to 7 figures 

The skill of content creation that speaks to and lights up your ideal clients brains AND has them paying you 

Is the ONLY skill that will pay you forever 


  • You can pivot to a thousand niches

  • And this skill will be the thing that gets you clients and pays your bills

  • Your business can burn to the ground

  • And this skill will be the thing that gets you back on your feet faster than ever 

  • You can flip from coach to consultant to agency owner... 

  • This skill will keep you in business 

It doesn't matter what you do, knowing how to show up, give value and sell is the path to millions and millions

It'll never go out of style
It'll never become out dated 
It'll always work
It'll always make you money 

ICONIC teaches you how in this high level, close proximity, implementation mastermind


What you would be able to create
What you could achieve
How many lives you would touch
How much your life and business would impro
How much more confident you would feel 
And how that would impact the way you show up and achieve your goals

The investment is $5000 and I ask that we speak together before jumping in to make sure we’d make a great fit to work together. Click below to book a call with me now.

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