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introducing the

Grow & scale your business to your $500k year, the way you want!

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Are you ready to grow your business to the next level?

can i get a "hell yes"!

Are you to make more money & serve more people?

hell yes to that too!

In the $500K Club, I help you to do less so you can create more. Simplifying your business so you can reach the next level with ease.

Creating a $500K business does not mean doing a shit ton more work, creating a sales funnel, designing half a dozen new offers, dumping thousands into ads, stressing out. It actually looks like doing less. It’s about keeping everything simple, streamlined
and fun.

Less stress

Less hustle

Less time spent working

Less packages/offers

Less content

Less payment options

Less comparison

Less of everything

And more doing what you love, what you’re good at, what you enjoy, what’s fun for you.



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It’s about creating a business that feels expansive, not constrictive.

Doing less to create more requires a different version of you. A next level version. A version that is mature, committed, disciplined. A version that is willing to take full responsibility and accountability for themselves and how they make money.

The road to 6 figures can be lonely. It’s a lot of doing things yourself, bootstrapping, creating graphics, content, emails, webpages, editing your own podcasts, everything is done by you.

Stepping up to create multiple 6 figures requires that you do nothing that isn’t in your zone of genius. Releasing control and perfectionism. Building a company with a mission.

get on the waitlist

Creating a $500k vision and reverse engineering the perfect growth plan to make it happen while working fewer hours, becoming confident in your ability to control your monthly income, releasing imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs so you can step into the next level CEO version of yourself, serving and influencing even more people than ever before, making money while you’re unplugged from your business, on vacation or with your family enjoying life, designing, curating and manifesting the multiple 6 and even 7 figure business you really want.

Becoming the architect of your future by creating a long-term growth plan that includes working fewer hours in your business, owning your role as a thought leader and expert in your niche, becoming someone who is in high demand, feeling confident and at ease knowing you are the one in control of your monthly income, serving and influencing even more people, making money while you’re unplugged, designing, and manifesting the multiple 6 and even 7 figure business you really want.

It means embodying the next level version of yourself.

If this lights you up, then you my friend, are in the right place.

The internet is noisy AF with experts and gurus telling you that making money online is hard and that if you don’t do things their way, you’ll never make it.

this is a bunch of bullshit

here is what i see

here is what i see

Many entrepreneurs don’t know what to do next and hide from going after that next level.

We’re taught that more money means more work, so it only makes sense that they assume that they need to do more to make more. I hit my first 6 figures all alone, I was a one woman show, as are many others. When we think of our multiple 6 figure business, it doesn’t look like working 24/7. So why are you convincing yourself that this is the way?

If something’s working, don’t break it. They often feel that “hey, my business is finally working, I better not do anything to change it.

They don’t know what the next right step is, whether it’s raising their rates, working more hours to accommodate more clients, creating a different offer altogether. Confused people don’t take action, so they don’t do anything.

They don’t feel ready or deserving of having a business that makes more, that they need to put in more time or have more clients before they’re ready for that next level (Hello imposter syndrome!)

They jump on the feast or famine cycle. Getting fully booked on their offer, then not selling anything because they don’t know what to sell, then hustling when those clients roll off to replace the income.

get on the waitlist



Marketing: To reach a wider audience and impact more people you need to be able to create sexy, juicy, compelling messaging that converts your followers into clients and cash. We will be creating your unique brand that attracts your perfect people to you. Your copy will do the heavy lifting for you.

Manifesting: Mindset and Manifestation go hand in hand. To quantum leap and collapse time to reach your goals quickly, you need to have a vision in your mind that you can emotionally connect with. During our kickoff event, I’m going to walk you through a Guided Meditation and Mind Mapping exercise to envision your $500k self, and we will reverse engineer a clear plan of action custom to you. CEO Embodiment - If you’re like me when I first started, you might be bootstrapping your business as a one person show. Doing all of your own graphics, websites, copy, invoicing, emails, the list goes on. And you know what, I think that’s awesome! We are so talented, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. But the day is coming where you need to separate yourself and your business. Becoming a CEO who runs a multiple 6 and even 7 figure business requires you to step into the next level version of yourself. You will release the past version of you. You will learn how to make decisions looking to the future. Your self concept will strengthen.

Company Creation: Hiring a team, delegating to that team, determining the values that are important to you and your company. You are going to shift from doing all the things yourself, to doing significantly less and using your mind for the tasks that are within your zone of genius and that you love doing. I’m going to show you how to hire, when to hire, how to find the perfect candidate to hire and what tasks you should be hiring for first

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Growing your business to $100k and then scaling over $100k can be intimidating, but the best place to learn these new concepts and strategies is in a room with other women who are learning the same.

That room is the $500k Club.

get on the waitlist

are you ready?

$10,000 is a serious investment into your business.
An investment that will set you up for the rest of your career. An investment that should cause you to stop and think about your business today and what you envision for the future of your business. Your brain is going to offer up some thoughts about this, and feelings. Feelings of fear, nervousness, excitement about what’s possible for you.

All of this is part of having a normal human brain.

You pay $10,000 to make $500,000 and it may take you 6 months... it may take you 3 years. But once you learn how to make that money, you never forget. You’re equipped with the ability to make money for the rest of your life.

Only apply if you truly get this mindset and you’re committed to making your investment back.

Instead of allowing your brain to focus on the worst case scenario, picturing hustle and desperation, what if you allowed your brain to focus on the best case scenario?

Imaging what you will gain by being someone who sets and achieves theirs goals all of the time, and how that will benefit your life.

here it all is.......




We will gather together virtually for 2 full days of teachings, coaching and masterminding together. You will design your $500K vision and craft your plan of action for it. You will learn how to make powerful business decisions. We will do limiting belief releasing ceremonies, meditation to envision the next level version of you. You will begin manifesting and quantum leaping towards your vision, creating the blueprint to reach $500K. This event will mentally prepare you for the immersive 6 months ahead.



After the Kickoff event it’s time to implement what you’ve learned. Every Tuesday at 12pm est for 6 months we will, as a community, meet in my private Zoom meeting room where you will be coached by me on the new concepts, ideas, and strategies I taught in the kickoff event. You will learn how to plan and implement launches, how to create new marketing strategies, how to bounce back quickly after failure and set off running again. You will celebrate your wins, get feedback, and troubleshoot as you navigate the blueprint you created. Every week you will walk away having had breakthroughs and ah-ha moments, even if the coaching wasn’t directed at you, you can use it as a mirror on your own business giving you insight and inspiration.



This is the place where you will share your wins, your failures, your struggles, and your goals. You’ll be able to ask questions and be supported by a collective of powerful leaders who are experts in their niches. You will get bonus coaching from Brittany here. Being in the room creates an environment for massive growth, growth that can’t happen when you’re trying to go this path alone. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. This community is the perfect place to be, you have a seat at this table. I am very selective about who I allow into this environment, I look for the people most committed to improvement and who have a solid track record backing them up. Surrounding yourself with excellence is part of the formula for growth.



While the tenants of business is the same across the board, the nitty gritty details differ from one business to the next. I’m not here for checking the boxes, putting you into a one size fits all strategy, because I know that doesn’t work. I do things very differently than my own coach, and I want to foster your unique flavor. My guidance will be tailored to you, to your specific business, to the circumstances of your life so that you create a business and life that you want to have. My guidance and mentorship will be at the forefront of this mastermind. During our kickoff event, inside the community and on the coaching calls, you will have access to me as needed. Any and all questions you have, will be answered by me. Wondering what to charge? When to hire? Who to hire? When to transition from 1:1 to group? Whatever it is, I’ve got you.



Where is your business today?

Where do you envision your business in the next 3 to 5 years?

What does that version of you think about this investment?

How would the way you currently show up in your business shift if you made this investment?

How would your self concept and belief in yourself shift if you made this investment?

How can you commit to guaranteeing a return on your investment?

What would you gain by joining right now?

What would you lose by not joining right now?

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