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Whatever business you have, content creation is your job.
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Whether it’s written as a Post or used as a Carousel, a Live video, a Short video, a Podcast or an Email, you are constantly creating content for your audience to consume.

This is HOW you make your money, sign the clients, sell out the launches, get fully booked, sell your products.


This is also the place where you get stuck the most. It causes the most frustration, stress, anxiety and tears.

I see you:

  • Spending hours per day, every day, wondering what to say to your audience

  • Spending additional time wondering how to say the “right things” to get them to buy

  • Questioning yourself, “Am I good enough?”, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Why aren’t they buying?”, “Why does it look so easy for her?”

  • Holding your phone from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, thinking you’re building your business

  • Trying to create the “perfect post” that will captivate your audience and compel them to hire you, only to find it didn’t work that way

  • Feeling like you’ve already told them everything they need to know, so clearly they just don’t want to work with you

  • Believing your audience is tired of hearing from you

  • Worrying about being “too salesy”

  • Being unable to relax because you’re constantly thinking about/worrying about your business and where your next client will come from and when

  • Thinking you have to be an extrovert to sign clients online

  • Investing into ads because you think that’ll work better

  • Getting burnt out trying to be consistent

  • Becoming overwhelmed by what goes into content creation including graphics and  editing

  • Thinking you have nothing to say

  • Putting pressure on yourself to be inspired all of the time

You’re exhausted by it. You may even be on the brink of burn out because of it. Not only is it taking up your waking hours, it’s taking up too much of your mental space and you aren’t reaping the rewards from it.

There’s nothing wrong with you!

Your content can, and should, be attracting dream clients to you. This is literally how online businesses work. People consume the content and then they buy.
I know this because I’ve mastered it for myself and my clients.



 A wife and mother of 3 (plus 2 angels), a stock broker turned multiple 6 figure mindset and business coach and I am the Content Queen.

I have made over $650,000 in the last 4 years of my business, all organically, no ads, simply through my content.

For 7 years I was a stock broker, learning about marketing and sales, before that I obtained my BSc in Bio-Psychology. These things mixed together have given me an edge in the content creation industry. I understand how the human brain works when it comes to decision making and what makes people stop scrolling to read your posts, watch your videos and most importantly, buy from you.

I’ve done this for myself and I’ve helped my clients do the same.

Take 3 of my clients who have gone viral in 2 weeks using my ideas for reels, even having really tiny accounts. (Like Jessi, who has under 300 followers but one reel got her over 113,000 views!)

Or my clients who consistently get clients in their DMs while on vacation at the beach, asking if they can pay in full for their services.

Or my friend who was in the middle of a launch for her group program and had zero sign ups, who took my advice on her content and had 4 people less than 24 hours later.

I even took the entire summer off to be with my kids this year, because I’ve mastered content creation and making money with it. I didn’t need to hustle at all. In fact, I never hustle.

This gets to be your norm!


Your content needs to have 3 things going for it:

  1. Connect - Your audience needs to feel connected to you when they consume your content. They want to know your personality and feel like they’re friends with you. You do this by being relatable, authentic, vulnerable and honest.

  2. Serve - Your audience needs to know what it is exactly that you do. Who you are, how you help them and why they should give a shit. It should showcase your personality, knowledge and expertise.

  3. Entice - People want to buy, they love buying things! And they want to buy from you, and the way to get them to do that is by creating compelling content that makes them so excited to work with you that they can hardly contain themselves.

Your personality + Your expertise =
Your content sweet spot

You want:

  1. People to buy from you because of your content

  2. Content to be easy for you, to take less time out of your day

  3. To be able to create content that resonates with your audience and makes you money

  4. To be confident in what you’re saying

  5. To be an authority figure in your niche

  6. To stand out from the noise of the online space and positively impact people

  7. To grow your audience and get visible

  8. To spend more time doing the things you enjoy without worrying about when or where your next client will come from

  9. To know EXACTLY what to say to your audience to get them to buy from you

  10. To be fully booked/ to sell out your launches

  11. To actually enjoy creating content

  12. To be consistent without becoming burnt out

when we work together

this is exactly what we will create for you. It does not matter to me what your niche is, how you help people or what you sell.

my magic is

understanding what people want and why they want it. I will be able to tell you exactly what to say to your audience to get them interested in you, get you visible and get you PAID


what your audience wants and needs to hear, and you’ve had me share with you customized ideas for your content, it becomes much easier and lighter for you. It draws people to you. It makes you lots and lots of money.

When you know

Together we will talk about your business and your goals, then we will create a personalized plan of action to achieve those goals, using your content. I will help you design a content strategy that works for you. Creating more clients, in less time. Giving you more freedom in both time and money. Releasing you from the pressure and creating more fun and joy in your business and life. You’ll begin implementing our plan and you’ll have all access to me for constant feedback and support to grow your business.

You will get 

  • Meet with Brittany for a 2 hour kick off strategy planning and money map session
  • Twice a month you and Brittany will meet for 1 hour for support
  • A custom content strategy including events to warm up your audience even more! 
  • A shared Google folder where your content, calls, and map will be stored for you
  • Trending Reel Audios that Brittany chooses for you specifically and tells you exactly how to use it 
  • Monday to Friday to Voxer support and mentorship where you can ask anything, share copy for feedback, get Brittany's eyes on your sales page, emails, landing pages, whatever you want!
  • All of this for 6 months to create massive traction and growth in your business

The investment is                     15,000

NEW FEED SIZE Brittany Budd (30).png

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a blueprint to reaching your goals using your social media. You knew the exact things to tell your audience and you knew it would make you money. How quickly would you hit your income goals? How would you feel? How would you show up differently?

Your 6 figure year and beyond will come from your content, and that starts here.

Before working with Brittany, I was operating a jobby, meaning I didn't have consistent monthly revenue, felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall, and I was extremely frustrated. I was taking a lot of action but not the right kind of action. I didn't have an overall growth plan, nor did I have any idea how much money I was bringing in and how many expenses I had. It was like I really didn't want to face any real numbers because I knew it wasn't good. I chose Brittany as my coach because I had seen her grown her FB Group to over 5k organically, and I wanted to grow my FB Group that way too without spending FB Ad money. I also resonated with Brittany because she kept it real and cursed. She was my kind of people. I have not regretted that decision once. What you see from Brittany in her social media posts is what you get working directly with you. She is feisty, fun and loving. She is not afraid to call you out on your own bullshit and she does it with all of the love you'd get from a dear family member. I have done Brittany's $10k program, $500k program and 1-on-1 private coaching. She is amazing, and the difference in my business is astounding. I have grown my FB group to over 700 badass women, and I'm no longer scared to make offers- in fact, I do it daily now. If you had told me a year ago that I regularly pitch my one-on-one services with ease, I would have thought you were crazy. Since working with Brittany, I have had consistent revenue every month without having to spend a dime on advertising. I've had months of over $10k revenue which I never thought was possible.


Estelle Winsett - Style Coach

I have always loved doing marketing in my business. BUT I have always hated doing sales. Making offers always felt weird and unaligned to me, so I just didn't do much of it. Until I met Brittany. She helped me see how easy making offers could be. How valuable they are to me as a business owner and to my clients who need the help I provide. Brittany not only opened me up to the idea that making offers could be easy, she also helped me feel compelled to make offers everyday. I can't stop myself now! Thank you, Brittany! My business is exploding now and my clients are getting the help they need. 


Andrea Scalici, Life and Business Coach


I enjoy how real Brittany is. She shares what she is doing and going through—good and bad. This makes her real and relatable to me. When asking for advice/help, she is able to ask just the right questions to get me thinking and considering how I can move forward instead of staying where I am. My biggest breakthrough has been that I’m what’s holding me back. It’s not that I need to take another course or make another freebie before I can move forward. She’s help me realize that I need to take action and just start connecting with people. And then she has all this content about how I can start connecting with people right now and how to get out of my own way!

Audrey Hodge, Book Coach


Brittany is the business coach goddess of sales that you need in your back pocket. Before working with her, I felt doubtful of my offer, what I was doing from a marketing perspective, and would freeze when it came time to share my offer & price. After getting coached by her, I feel like a badass. I’m in full belief that everything I’m doing is working, have new energy around my business, and am having a MUCH easier time during my sales conversations. For the first time ever, I don’t stumble when sharing my highest price point and got a YES!! If you’ve been on the fence about coaching with her, get off and sign up with her. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent! Girl, thanks again for ALL you help. I’ve come such a long way and couldn’t have done it without you.

Syeda Neary - dating coach

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